Ensure perfect timing of nutrient release.

Growing the ‘perfect plant’ is all about timing of nutrient release. Plants have different nutritional needs in each growth stage. Thanks to Programmed Nutrient Release technology, Osmocote Exact releases the right amount of the right nutrients at the right time. Giving your plants exactly what they need. From rooting to finishing.


Safe start


Osmocote Exact ensures low initial EC and sufficient nutrition to build a good root system. Most plants don’t need a nutrition boost at the start of the culture. Other CRFs may start releasing too much too soon, which causes high EC levels that can damage or even kill plants.

Steady nutrient release


Perfectly timed nutrient supply during the entire growth season: Osmocote Exact guarantees healthy plant development and smooth growth. Other CRFs may be inconsistent: the plant may show unhealthy growth, drop leaves, develop spots and be more susceptible to bacteria.



Osmocote Exact’s nutrient release continues until the very end of the longevity. Endurance is key to achieve the perfect plant with the best color. Other CRFs may stop releasing well before the longevity’s end, leading to limited growth and yellow leaves by the end of the culture.


An excellent CRF is a good start. But it can do so much more when you apply it optimally. Our dedicated on-location advisors are constantly on the go to provide support and tailor-made recommendations to help you get the most out of your fertilizers.